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Faith-Filled Generosity: Looking into our Hearts

Dear St Johns Family and Friends,

I am hoping you are in a positive spirit and are healthy and happy. I would like to thank you ALL for your continued support of St Johns both financially and spiritually during this last year under such challenging times. Your generosity has helped to maintain our operations. Even though we have not been able to attend services in our beautiful building, we have still needed to maintain our regular expenses. Your continued support has helped us to maintain our goal of sharing the Gospel within and without our community. Your continued support of St John’s leadership and guidance is greatly appreciated.

This is the time we look in our hearts and respond to what our next year of stewardship means to each of us. How are we going to support the mission of God as expressed within St John’s and without?  As you drive by our beautiful church, you can see we are still moving ahead, continually improving the facility where we will gather. Even though we cannot gather within just yet. I hope and pray we will be able to gather within soon, as I miss seeing my friends and family.

Please look in your heart and please pledge to support St John going forward. If you support our mission, our leadership, please know your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Jane Berard
Vestry Member

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