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9/26/2021 | Liturgy of the Word


Fr. Eliacín lead the congregation in the Liturgy of the Word.

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2 replies on “9/26/2021 | Liturgy of the Word”

Once again, I am reminded how it feels to be “doers of the Word.” The Gospel message is out there and inside at all times.
It was with great anticipation that I joined the Holy Hikers yesterday at the state park to climb to Wallace Falls Falls. It was during the struggle to succeed at greater heights that I experience the Adapted version of the BCP Affirmation of Baptism. At each of the 3 stations, we read the people’s responses to our celebrant’s words. Station 1 at trailhead where Camp Huston trail enters the park. 6 of us and 2 dogs proceeded on the sunny warm path. Station 2 at the bank of the Wallace River we gave thanks and filled our jug with the gift of fresh flowing water. Finally, amid decision-making and the patience of Job, we all gathered at the lower falls shelter creating Station 3. The celebrant addressed us and those around us standing in the paschal mystery.
Lunch, plein air paintings and refreshed we renewed our vows and began our descent. The collected cedar bows were dipped in the river water and sprinkled on us. Refreshed we read the scriptural message PS 42.7 for the day: “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls….”

In spite of near exhaustion in the heat of the day, we all made it down with help from encouragement from each other, our bent walking sticks and a few sips of the precious water that sustained us.
In gratitude, I praise Christine for her service. The spiritual and physical water of the journey renewed our energy and hope for the days to come. Amen

Also Thanks to Alex Flanagan for continued encouragement to participate and take part in the Diocesan hikes planned ahead in the newsletter for the next few months.
Hope to see others there when possible.

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