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Mid-Week Video Series on Gratitude.

Dear Ones,

As we enter into the Fall, with its harvest season, it is my pastoral invitation to you to make room and space for gratitude in your life. Much has happened so far this year. We are very aware of the heaviness and uncertainty of it all, and yet as the mystics would say, even our suffering and tribulations belong in God. Nothing is wasted or dismissed in the ever-enfolding love of God. And even in the muck of it all, we have experience glimpses of beauty and goodness; for that, we give thanks to God.

It is my hope and prayer that we all find moments of gratitude in each of our days. Thanksgiving for a warm cup of tea, a finished puzzle, a call from a friend, the laughter of a grandchild, an opportunity to help others, a good book, completing some house chores, for having a house and chores to do, for the good stewardship of our church building by the Vestry and Building Committee, for stable internet connection during Zoom meetings, for medical teams and essential workers, for God’s eternal love for us… there so many reasons to be generous with our gratitude.

For the next 6 Wednesdays, I will be sending a Mid-Week Email Message focused on the transformative power of giving thanks. Contact me via email if you are interested in joining this series.

In these videos, we will hear Dr. Diana Butler Bass explore why gratitude is missing as a modern spiritual practice, offers practical suggestions for reclaiming it, and illuminates how the shared practice of gratitude can lead to greater connection with God, our world, and our own souls. The course towards changing the way we see and act in the world, according to Butler-Bass, is remembering the truth about God’s abundance and welcoming one another to a communal table where every need is met. Inspired by her book, this film series is a continued dialogue about what we’ve done with/how we misuse power, how to find an abundance within, what it looks like to be a cooperative culture rather than a competitive sharing, connecting.

The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks
This series includes six sessions:

Session One // Where Is God?
Session Two // A Table of Gifts
Session Three // Table Ethics
Session Four // Grace, Gratitude, and Gifts
Session Five // Gratitude and Abundance
Session Six // Table Memory

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