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Slow Down

This week, you may consider slowing down. Becoming present to Divine Presence all around you. Becoming present to your loved ones. Becoming present to your self, as God’s beloved.
Yes, these are anxious days. And yet, these are days full of beauty, and full of dreams of a just society where equality and wellness are possible.
Slow down.
Enumerate at least 5 things you are grateful for everyday.
Contact at least 1 person a day who bring you joy, or to whom you are the bringer of joy.
Breathe 3 intentional deep breaths when you feel anxious, one in the name of the Creator, one in the name of the Redeemer, one in the name of the Holy Sustainer.
Practice loving-kindness to self and others.
Unplugged from social media for a break from the ever-looming scrolling of doom
Fix something
clean that drawer that you have been meaning to clean for a long time
Play some music, in vinyl if you have them
Take a prayer walk in the morning, or bundled up and take prayer walk in the evening. Ground yourself to the eternal now with each step you take.
You have the power to turn off the TV and radio. Use that power.
Rest if you are tired.
Cook warm, nourishing, comforting meals.
Slow down.
Be present.
God is. God will be.

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