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2/7/2021 | Morning Prayer Service

Fr. Eliacín leads the congregation in the Morning Prayer Service. Nancy Vandenberg and Deacon Liz Van Dyke lead the readings.

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2 replies on “2/7/2021 | Morning Prayer Service”

I’m so grateful for your recorded service so we can take in the abundance of God’s Holy Spirit that surround us in our sanctuary and out side of our familiar setting. (Note the Gospel in the brochure do not match with the readings and sermon, but I found the Mother-in-law healing in 29-39)
In addition, with the urge to grasp the movement of God’s Holy Spirit in our National setting I found WA National Cathedral hosting the ever present Rev. Max Lucado sermon followed by the non-sermon from by Rt Rev Gene Robinson.
I have to call it a “bible-buster” of a service but then what are our sanctuaries being saved from at this point in our country’s enhanced separations from one another in every sense of the word. Keep the prayers actively bringing us closer to God’s purpose in our disrupted lives. Amen

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