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Ash Wednesday Service @ Home, Feb. 17, 2021

Fr. Eliacín and his family mark the beginning of 2021 Lenten Season with Ash Wednesday Service from their home.

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We are using an adapted from the Book of Common Prayer, page 264. You are welcome to use this format or use your Prayer Book if you prefer. As for ashes, you can put some olive oil in the tip of your fingers and rub a previous lighted match.

If you received ashes from the church, you can mix the ashes with a few drops of oil (any oil is acceptable) to create a simple paste that would stick to your forehead if you are doing the sign of the cross. Another way is to take some ashes in your fingers and sprinkle them over your head. The sprinkling of ashes is an ancient practice found among German Christians in the tenth century and England among the faithful in the eleventh century.

You can do this service any time of the day; however, my invitation is that you do it early, making the whole day one of spiritual reflection and stillness. Take some time to set the space for the service. You may want to light a candle, or a few. Begin the service, and end the service in silence. Do not read or pray in a hurry. Let the words and images in the readings surround you. Give time for your heart to catch up with your head. Remember, that you are in holy ground.

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