St. John’s was built in 1892, one of the earliest Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Olympia. It is often described as “The church that looks like a church”, probably because of the white painted wooden structure, the steeple, and the stained glass windows. St. John’s central location has made it a meeting place for civic groups and the site for free community dinners.

The town of Snohomish was one of the first inland settlements in the Puget Sound region. It became a center for farming and logging. As the Puget Sound grew, so did Snohomish. But when some of the major industries faltered during the 1960s, prospects did not look good for the area. Despite the saying “Will the last person out of Seattle please turn out the lights?” locals were determined to stay. One scheme, to tear down the historic buildings on First Street to make room for an enclosed mall, fortunately failed for lack of funds. Those historic buildings and the beautiful homes in the historic district now draw visitors from all over the world.