Worship with Us

In-Person Service Sundays at 10:00 AM

•    Masks are required indoors (optional outdoors)
•   No need for Pre-registration.
•   A sanitation station will continue to be available at the entrance.
•    No Screening upon arrival.
•    Anyone with symptoms of illness is asked to stay home.

About Holy Communion

  • Holy Communion resumes in modified form. The priest will consecrate both bread and wine. The common cup will not resume at Holy Eucharist yet. You will receive bread. Know that there is no such thing as half-communion.  Those who receive only the bread have paricipated in Full Communion; this has always been the case. Gluten-free wafers will be available as well.
  • Those who want to receive Communion will be asked to sanitize their hands at the sanitation station before receiving the bread.

Worship engages our intellects and senses as we hear the Word of God, celebrate the Eucharist, and prepare to carry out the Gospel of Jesus in our lives. We gather at the Table, our altar, for the Eucharist or communion. As a liturgical church all participate fully in worship; liturgical means, literally, the work of the people.