Building Project & Capital Campaign

November 22, 2020
Because of the extensive remediation work needed to stabilize the Parish Hall walls, we were informed by the Building Team that we need to move everything out into storage. The construction begins in early January and is projected to take 4 months.

The packing of all items in the Parish Hall and basement rooms, which include the Sunday School rooms has begun with vigor. Several have gone in solo to help pack up prior to the Wednesday Nov. 11 initial group work party. We got an early start, so there is time to pack and plan without tearing our hair out.

Once we know how much storage space we need, we will arrange for the material to go into storage for 4 months. There is a great group who have stepped up to be the Moving Team who will spring into action to help move. Tentative dates for the moving of materials is December 5th and /or December 12th.

If I missed anyone who is interested in joining this work, I may not have had your contact details to reach out to you. Please contact me for information. All help is welcome and appreciated.

I am always reminded in a challenging time such as this, how wonderful our community of St. John’s really is. I get a lot of back up support for the Jr. Warden role of  building care and maintenance – in addition to this large project.

The great thing is that we have a lot of committed members who are willing to help and who love St. John’s. It is another opportunity to be part of the life and changes. This group work also offers time for catching up and “togetherness” (being mindful of COVID safety protocol of course.).

Blessings: the people of St. John’s rising to service- for which I am grateful to be a part.

Dawn Wheatley, Jr. Warden 

November 4, 2020

Video Tour of Building Project 2020, narrated by parishioner John Gray.


October 23, 2020
The church steeple had become perilously unstable over the years. This week these temporary steel corner stabilizers were placed on the OUTSIDE of the steeple so that the permanent stabilizing work can be done on the inside.
You can see 3 of the temporary steel corners here:

And those corner exterior stabilizers (above) were then connected INSIDE to more steel and cables to create a web of structural security.

See the steel/cable connection in the corner here:

And looking down through the steeple you can see how the cables connect back & forth to pull the structure together securely:
September 18, 2020
Structural work this week!
Take a look at the newest member of St. John’s: a beam!
The beam finds a new home in the ceiling of the lower narthex:
Same beam, different view:
Meanwhile, out on 2nd Street…
there was preparation for future large equipment use.
Two trees were removed so that large equipment can be hosted on the premises for upcoming steeple repair:

Back in the Parish Hall…
The new bathrooms get some finishing touches with a lovely stain which matches other wood stain throughout the Parish Hall.
September 11, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What projects are we seeking to fund and how much will they cost?

A: The Capital Facilities Committee is recommending a combination of essential upgrades and new spaces that complement each other and take advantage of opportunities to be efficient. For an estimated total of about $1.4 million, we plan to do the following:

  • Upgrade the essential electrical and heating services
  • Add new meeting spaces to the parish hall
  • Add a new, larger elevator
  • Add a new nursery
  • Add a new welcoming center that connects the church to the parish hall
  • Improve ADA compliance access throughout
  • Remodel the main first floor bathrooms

A new master plan includes future phase planning for upgrades to the church offices, for remodeling the bathrooms in the school zone, for adding more storage space for the community kitchen, and for a remodel of the parish hall. These upgrades would be funded later. They are not a part of the $1.4M scope.

Q. What is the history of this project and where are we now?

A: Over the past 10 years, various studies of the structure and the electrical and heating systems have been prepared by the subcommittee on facilities. Fr. Mark Miller formed a capital facilities committee. Jim Church served as the first chair. In 2013, the committee prepared a comprehensive study of needs. Also, the committee prepared a program of needs for restoration and new space.

The committee recognized an architect was necessary to provide a schematic master plan. Architect Mark Nelson was interviewed and hired to draw up the design. He developed a design that was presented to the congregation and the diocese. Further steps then included preparing necessary 3-D surveying to map the existing structure and site. The committee further authorized Mr. Nelson to prepare more advanced design development drawings. These drawings have been submitted for City and historical review.

Q: Where is the money coming from?

A: The money comes from the members of the St. John’s congregation. Our campaign theme is Investing in Our future—Build Community. This capital campaign effort is a three-year commitment. Confident in God’s assurance to provide for us, each of us is encouraged to make a financial pledge that will challenge us to grow in faith and reliance on God. Armed with hope and faith, we are asked to stretch ourselves in our giving over the three-year period. This giving is beyond our regular gifts to the church. The vestry may also consider using portions of the undesignated investments in combination with fund-raising and other options such as applying for grants and loans.

Q: What are the priorities for renovation and building? 

A: We have identified a list of priorities. The level of success of our capital campaign will determine how far we can proceed. We would like to complete all of the following Priority 1 and Priority 2 items. If we can’t complete all Priority 3 items, we hope to make some progress.

Priority 1

  1. Replace the main electrical service and electrical distribution system
  2. Upgrade the existing heating systems.
  3. Increase the number of meeting spaces.
  4. Improve the internal circulation and access to all functions and spaces.
  5. Add a central reception and welcome area.
  6. Add access and connection to the northern end of the Sunday school.
  7. Replace and relocate the narrow stairs leading to the north end of the church with wider stairs and a ramp that connects to the parish hall.
  8. Install an elevator with enough room for a large wheelchair.
  9. Fix the undersized men’s bathroom in the administrative zone.
  10. Fix the foundation under the rector’s office.

Priority 2

  1. Remodel the rector’s office and remove the bathroom.
  2. Remodel the current space used for counseling—it is too dark and it is isolated.
  3. Fix the exterior exit in the school zone.

Priority 3

  1. Relocate the administrative zone to make it more useful.
  2. Relocate the poorly-designed library.
  3. In the school zone, add more storage space for the community kitchen.
  4. In the school zone, add more space to the mechanical room.
  5. Remodel the bathrooms in the school zone.
  6. Modernize the parish hall.
  7. Provide access to the memorial garden from the Parish Hall.
  8. Make remodeling changes to the worship zone to enhance the worship experience.

Q: How much shall I give? 

A: There is no simple answer or formula of how much to give. You are encouraged to prayerfully discern and commit a gift that best reflects your heart-felt feeling for St. John’s. It should reflect your faith, which is expressed in both generosity and sacrificial giving, and a joyful spirit responding to God’s abundance.

Q: When should I make my gift?

A: Commitment Sunday is June 17, 2018.

Leading up to Commitment Sunday, there will be an all-church faith formation event on Sunday, May 6; an advance-commitments gathering on Sunday, June 3; and an all-church banquet and children’s party on Saturday, June 16.

Q: Can I make a pledge to the campaign right now?

A: Members are encouraged to attend the events of our campaign. You are encouraged to engage in thoughtful prayer before you make a commitment. Therefore, waiting until Commitment Sunday is best. Know that your participation in this process will be helpful to you and an inspiration to others.

For more information, contact John Gray (Campaign Chair) or another member of the Capital Campaign team. These are the other team members:

  • Nancy McConnell
  • Jane Berard
  • Jackie Grove
  • Tom Schelfhout
  • Debbie Schelfhout
  • Laurie Gray
  • Sallie Bjerklie
  • Dave Baldwin
  • The Rev. Eliacín Rosario-Cruz

Q: What will the new spaces be used for? 

A: The space identified by room titles on the drawings are the architect’s proposed approach to addressing the needs of the parish. These are in response to the planning and needs document previously developed by the Church Facilities Committee, by surveys of the congregation, and through various discussions. The architect’s design has the flexibility of use and adaptability for changes in future use. As the design is finalized and the building is readied for use, there will be many more conversations and decisions involving members of the parish and the rector to decide how to best use all the spaces.

Q: What happens to the courtyard in this plan?

A: The courtyard remains unchanged. It will be bound by the new addition that will take the space in front of the parish hall, and across to the church along the street. An access door will be provided from the main entry hall. The other existing doors will continue to provide access. ​This will create a private courtyard space, which will isolate our activities from the street noises. The sun will continue to fill the courtyard with light. The church’s stain glass windows and parish hall windows won’t be affected by the addition.

Q: This project does not directly address the sanctuary space. Why not?

A: The sanctuary space has always been outside the scope of work by the committee that assessed the needs of the church. The decisions involving this space are more heavily influenced by the rector with the approval of the diocese. The heating and electrical issues in the sanctuary space are the exception.

Q: The kitchen is not being remodeled under this plan. Why not? 

A: The Capital Facilities Committee determined early in the planning and needs assessment process that the current kitchen is adequate. However, normal and expected remodeling of the cabinets and floor is expected. Also, appliances will need to be replaced eventually. These projects would need to be funded at a later time.