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How do I love during this time of COVID-19?

From Fr. Eliacín

Besides this, you know what time it is, how it is now the moment for you to wake from sleep. – Romans 13:11

Dear Ones,

It is my constant prayer that love, faith, and hope to be with you every day. Love is what sustains us and mobilize us as followers of the Way of Jesus. In the Epistle reading for this coming Sunday, Romans 13:8-14, St. Paul reminds us that love is what we owe one another. St. Paul’s and Jesus in the Gospels present us with a perfect love – a verb, an active performance of seeking wholeness and well-being for the other.

“Owe no on me anything, except for love one another…” 
While the commandment to love others is always at the core of our discipleship, it is also a constant demand. Just like God’s love is not a stale love, but new and fresh for us at every moment in our lives, so is the demand to love others. The commandment to love one another asks that we always seek to love intentionally at this moment in my life:

How do I love during this time of COVID-19?

How do I love during this time of the prophetic call for racial justice in our country?

“Love does no wrong to the neighbor…”
Christian love is not a passive posture. It is a generator, a live-wire that propels us to lively name and resists evil, seeks and serves Christ in all persons, and strives for justice and peace in respecting every human being’s dignity. In sum, by actively loving, we craft the experience of the Kingdom of God for others, in which we can all have life abundantly.

So… in times of lies and manipulations, love speaks truth.
In times of violence toward black lives, love proclaims that Black Lives Matter.
In times of perversion of religious symbols and language for oppressive purposes, love calls us to the liberating words and actions of Jesus.