Welcome to St. John’s Episcopal Church!

Please know that you are always welcome here!

If you are new, here are some tips on what you can expect.

Come as you are! Some people dress up, while others feel more at home in casual attire. What matters to us is who you are, not how you look. We are gathering of old-timers and newcomers alike, LGBTQIA+ and straight, single and married, progressive and conservative, old and young, committed Christians and journeying seekers. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome in this place.

Arrive with an open mind and heart. A greeter will meet you inside the door. This person can answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask. Episcopalians like questions!

As a liturgical church, all those present for the service actively participate in the service. But individuals worship in whatever way best lets them connect with God. You will see some people sit quietly while others stand or kneel. During particular parts of the service, everyone will stand.  If you get confused, just let the worship of the congregation carry you.

After the readings, sermon, and prayers of the people, people will exchange the Peace by greeting each other with “Peace” or “Peace of the Lord”. Next will come the Eucharist or Holy Communion. Everyone is invited and welcome to come to the Table for communion or for a blessing.

After the service people meet downstairs in the Parish Hall for coffee and tea after the 10 a.m. service. This is a good time to meet some members of the congregation and get other questions answered.

We acknowledge that we occupy the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish Peoples, in particular the Tulalip, Snohomish, Stillaguamish, and Sauk-Suiattle Tribe, past, present and future, a people that are still here, continuing to honor and bring to light their ancient heritage,  We acknowledge them, respect their right to sovereignty and self-determination, and commit to listen and learn from them. We will seek opportunities to lift up and emphasize indigenous voices and culture, without appropriation. May we always remember that the Earth does not belong to us, that we belong to the Earth, and that we are all relatives in life. Help us to learn from our past mistakes and be instruments of justice and peace for all people in today’s world.


The Bank of America lots on the east side and behind our church and the Chase Bank lot across 2nd Street are all available for our use.

Do check ahead, though, as the City of Snohomish often has events on Sundays that can restrict parking.

Let St. John’s Become Your Spiritual Home

We hope to see you again – next time in person!